"Another Saturday Night"
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date October 17, 1984
Written by Michael Jacobs
Directed by Tony Singletary
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Another Saturday Night is the third episode of the first season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on October 17, 1984.


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Stan and Jill are spending the evening out and Charles is baby-sitting. He is busy preparing for Gwendolyn's visit, with whom he plans to study. Buddy shows up unexpectedly and wants to go to The Lamplight with him to look at girls. After all that is what guys should be doing on a Saturday night. Gwendolyn is enraged when she finds out that Charles occasionally hangs out there with his friends. Buddy and she argue heatedly and it just makes matters worse. Meanwhile the children - Lila, Jason, and Douglas - are also home on a Saturday night. They are watching special election results, which unfortunately do not turn out as expected, and Michael Jackson's appearance at the victory party is cancelled. When Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke come home, they help calm things down a bit. Charles realizes that Gwendolyn is very sensitive and not perfect after all, and Buddy is also a special friend who makes the college years fun.