"Buddy Comes to Dinner"
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date February 14, 1987
Written by Mitchell Bank, Sandy Sprung, Marcy Vosburgh
Directed by John Robins
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Buddy Comes to Dinner is the seventh episode of the second season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on February 14, 1987.


As if things weren't difficult enough for Charles with the Powell family needing all the tender loving care he can muster, he's not ready for an extended visit from his pal Buddy. He comes for dinner, wrenches his ankles, and has to stay in Charles' room for a few days. With almost anyone else that would be a minor imposition, but with Buddy it's a major emergency. What really aggravates the situation is that Charles is about to have a date with Lauren Andrews, a girl who could easily become that "someone special" in Charles' life. To make matters even worse Lauren can't stand Buddy. And there's Buddy, getting in the way, when Charles would rather be alone. But there's a catch, Lauren is starring in the school play with Buddy and she confides to Charles that she hopes Buddy stays sick forever so he will be replaced. This is tough for Charles, because after all Lauren is beautiful, but the play means the world to Buddy. And Buddy is Charles' best friend. It's another sticky problem for Charles to untangle, but he does it, and he always does what he thinks is right.[1]


Ellen: Adam you forgot to take out the garbage.
Adam: Come on Jamie. Mom wants you out of here.

Ellen: Here Adam open this can of beans okay.

Adam: Wax beans, oh yuck. Why would anybody put wax on beans?

Charles: So they'll slide down your throat without leaving skid marks.

Buddy: I got the lead in the class play.
Walter: Say, that is good news. Now here's the bad news: I don't care.

Adam: Maybe it's Sid. Sid delivers.

Charles: No, it's probably Lauren.
Adam: Maybe she's bringing me a pizza. Does Lauren deliver?

Charles: One can only hope.

Charles: Please let it be Lauren. Please let her have the part.

Lauren: I wish I were dead.

Charles: Please pay attention when I beg.

Buddy: Charles, I got a part in the school play and there's my talented sexy co-star now.
Lauren: Now, do you see why death is so attractive?

Charles: Let me ask you something. How important is this play to you?
Buddy: How important is a parachute to a skydiver? Well, how important is water to a carp? How important are balls to a tennis player?

Ellen: Adam, stop playing with your food?
Adam: I'm not playing. I'm trying to get it to look like pizza.

Adam: If it's broken, how come the jagged bone isn't sticking out of his ankle.

Jamie: Adam, you are the prince of grossness.

Adam: Thank you.

Buddy: Oh, you have a date here tomorrow tonight.

Charles: Yeah.
Buddy: Oh, I forgot, my leg isn't important your date comes first.

Charles: No, Buddy, getting you out of here comes first.

Walter: Alright, now let me take a look at this leg, uh.

Buddy: Aah! Uh!
Walter: Would you be a man Lambeck, during the war I fought an entire battle standing on two broken legs.
Buddy: Whose were they?

Walter: Let me know when he's regained consciousness.

Charles: You're supposed to be at the play rehearsal?

Buddy: I can't walk Charles.
Charles: That's because you're not standing up.

Buddy: The last time I stood up you knocked me down.

Buddy: How can my leg be in my head?
Walter: Probably a result of putting your foot in your mouth.