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Do you remember the names of...

  • the painter whose artwork was displayed in Charles's room in one episode?
  • the man whom Lillian almost married?
  • the identical twins that Buddy and Charles dated?
  • the only man that Buddy ever set Charles up on a date with?
  • Sarah's turtle? Sarah's doll?
  • Buddy's sister? Buddy's parents?
  • Lila's (and later Jamie's) cheerleader friend?
  • Adam's best friend?
  • Walter Powell's father?
  • the Pembrokes' fun-loving cousin? the race of people that he and Douglas belonged to?
  • the man that Gwendolyn Pierce was engaged to be married to? (not Charles)
  • Douglas's first date? (the girl who loves horses)
  • Charles after he bumps his head?
  • the person that Charles marries while acting as his alter-ego?
  • the invention that fulfilled Buddy's prophecy that Charles would be shot?
  • the woman who Charles dates as a result of Buddy's prophecy?
  • the invention which Buddy uses to turn Mr. Powell's tie into a hot dog?
  • the invention which Buddy uses to ruin Mr. Powell's white shirt?
  • Charles's invention, designed to help prepare for earthquakes?
  • the kind of plant that Buddy used his invention on?
  • Charles' old friends from high school, and the name of the collective group?
  • the city that they were planning to travel to?
  • the man who got punched for flirting with Mrs. Powell?
  • the married woman who flirted with Charles? and the hotel that she stayed at?
  • the man who played a loan officer, a professor, and a mental patient?

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