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Dutiful Dreamer is the nineteenth episode of the third season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on July 2, 1988.


When the Powells learn their house is to be sold and Ellen loses her job, Charles takes to bed with a sneezing fit and falls asleep. In his dream the family members transform into different characters; Walter becomes Long John Silver; Lillian, Auntie Maine; Ellen, Mae West; Jamie, Cinderella; Sarah, Scarlett O'Hara; Adam, a punk rocker; and Buddy an effete 18th Century landowner. Charles appears in his own dream as the Godfather and stumbles onto an idea to help the family out of their dilemma. When Charles later awakes, a chance remark by Buddy makes him wonder if it really was dream after all.[1]


Eddie Murphy referenceEdit

Lillian: There's only two people in the world who call me mama, one is my son Charles.

Charles: Yeah, mom. I'm your son Charles, who else calls you mama?

Lillian: Eddie Murphy.

Other quotesEdit

(first lines, speaking on the phone)
Walter: All I know is that we've been renting this house for two years and suddenly I get a letter saying that the house is being sold right out from under us. Now I insist on speaking to the owner. Of course I don't speak Japanese I don't even like sushi.

Charles: Hey, look what the neighborhood kid stuck in our front yard.
Walter: No Charles, our yard isn't our yard anymore. It's now part of the Japanese empire.

Charles: What can I do?
Walter: Join the Navy and take him with you. He'd make a good anchor.

(singing to Charles in the tune of "Rock-a-bye Baby")

Lillian: Doodlebug baby just close your eyes
Mama is here she's gorgeous and wise
You have been rocked, and you have been fed

So please go to sleep and don't wet the bed.

Jamie: Fairy godfather, I've about had it with you. I wished upon a star; I rubbed the magic stone and I went on Wheel of Fortune. Now I'm supposed to get horses a coach and a prince. You're looking for a major lawsuit here.


  • The title of this episode alludes to the Stephen Foster song, "Beautiful Dreamer".
  • This is one of only two instances where the Pembrokes are mentioned, besides the season 2 episode "Amityville".
  • Production error: When Walter is walking away on his peg leg, his bended leg and his foot can be seen sticking out the back of his pirate costume.
  • Buddy mentions his dad, who later makes his appearance on the season 4 episode "Buddy's Daddy".