"Feud for Thought"
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date January 17, 1987
Written by Kathy Greer, Bill Greer
Directed by Phil Ramuno
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"The Egg and Us"

Feud for Thought is the third episode of the second season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on January 17, 1987.


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Charles is studying for his philosophy exam. Meanwhile, the show provides several practical tests for Charles' own philosophy, and happily he doesn't do badly on them at all. First of all, Adam is in the middle of a pre-teen imbroglio with his erstwhile best friend who is now his worst enemy. In trying to smooth those troubled waters, Charles ends up being challenged by the youngster's giant brother Herman, who's ready to tear Charles apart. Then there's Sarah, who needs some help because she's learning to like herself a little better, and that's not easy for a thirteen year old. And finally there's Buddy, who's got a simple philosophy about everything. He's trying to get Charles to go out with one of the ultra Del Fluvio twins, Gina Del Fluvio, so he can go out with the other.