Five Easy Pizzas is the seventeenth episode of the third season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on May 28, 1988.


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Charles calms Lillian fears about an upcoming trip out of town, saying that he's more than able to manage the pizza parlor himself, even though she's just hired a new chef, Dino. What he doesn't mention is that an important food critic is to pay a visit. On the appointed night Charles rounds up the entire Powell family to fill the parlor and things go well until Buddy, intent on giving Dino "cooking tips," drives the temperamental chef to quit. The supply of pizzas runs low and as Charles tries to guess who is the mysterious "Roving Gourmet," he valiantly hops from table to table trying to save the last slice of good pizza for the critic. When the review comes out, Charles is relieved to learn the critic not only loved the pizza but also enjoyed the Marx brothers—style floor show. The good review even lures Dino back with a raise, of course.