thumb|300px|right thumb|300px|right thumb|300px|right Her Brother's Keeper is the twenty-fifth episode of the second season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on October 24, 1987.


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There are two very lovely ladies Charles and Buddy would like to date if they can find the time between studying for their physics final and taking care of the Powell household. When Stephanie and Joyce come over for a "pre-date," Joyce suggests the boys get together with her brother Duane who loves to help people out with physics but who is a little backward in the social department. A trade is worked out: Duane will help them with physics if Charles and Buddy help Duane "loosen up." The fact that gorgeous Joyce will be eternally grateful if the boys can pull her brother out of his shell ("I'd be your slave for life!") doesn't hurt their enthusiasm for the deal. The physics part proves to be easier than the social part, however, especially when Duane thinks horning in on the two couples is part of his education. Things start to look up when Duane calls from jail after being arrested for participating in a panty raid at a sorority house: not necessarily what his sister had in mind.

Scott Baio and Willie Aames go off-character at the last bit of this episode, and a blooper is shown over the credits.