thumb|300px|right thumb|300px|right thumb|300px|right Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on June 25, 1988.


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When Charles and Buddy foil an attempted holdup at the pizza parlor, their names appear in the local newspaper. They can't resist capitalizing on their new-found popularity with the girls at the sorority house. The holdup man is released on bail, and the boys change their tune, remembering that he threatened to get even with them. A strange man then calls to say he'll be coming to the house. Everyone joins in barricading the doors and windows. When the caller, who turns out to be a reporter, arrives to interview Charles and Buddy, he is pounced on. Charles and Buddy decline the interview and send the reporter away. It is only when Jamie sees the same criminal on the 6 o'clock news arrested for another robbery, that everyone breathes easier. They realize the only thing they had to fear was, of course, fear itself.