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Charles's(Scott Baio)old friends a group called "The Hangmen". Mooch(Gabriel Bologna), Spitball(Tom Fridley)and Slick(Anthony Mangano)pay Charles a visit and they stay with him for a couple of days, meanwhile Sarah(Josie Davis)asks Charles to help her practice for the bike race, but he made plans to go out of town to New Orleans. Sarah is disappointed that he won't be in the race, so she gets a new partner Buddy(Willie Aames). Lillian(Ellen Travolta)thinks they are pulling him down, when the phone call concerning the job he wants comes Mooch pretends to be Charles and turns the job down and they play a trick on Buddy to get his money by saying that Charles needs surgery on his back, but when he learns that one if his "friends" pretended to be him and they conned Buddy into getting his money asks them to leave and gives Buddy his money back and they go out and but his patio furniture.