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An Earthquake has hit the New Jersey area and worried about aftershocks Walter(James Callahan)wants Charles(Scott Baio) to do emergency drill to prepare Jamie(Nicole Eggert), Sarah(Josie Davis)and Adam(Alexander Polinsky)in case another Earthquake hits, thinking that the drills need to be more realistic Charles comes up with an idea to help people, a belt that can shake people to help them during a drill. Buddy(Willie Aames)decides to help Charles in the venture by telling him to talk to Prof. Smalley(Richard Sanders)who is an expert in business, after he tells Charles that it was the most stupid idea he has ever heard, he decides to give up. Sarah tells Charles not to give up on his idea, but after telling that not to get investors or partners because they'll take all the credit and the profits, and that the best way is to give up, Walter's friend Austin Miller(James Karen)decides to participate, thinking that he can't trust Austin and the other investors, he demonstrates the "Quake Maker" for them when they tell Austin that the belt is the dumbest thing they ever seen, Austin believes in Charles's idea and invests his money because he has faith in him.