May the Best Man Lose is the twenty-second episode of the third season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on August 27, 1988.


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The kids each must find a gladiator to represent their class in the school's stunt-filled quiz contest complete with pies in the face and a dunk tank; Sarah draws Charles, Jamie gets Buddy. Meanwhile, Adam recruits the dumb but musclebound Herman, who threatens to beat everybody up if he doesn't win. Tired of always coming in last, Adam convinces Buddy to throw the match so Sarah can win, then talks Charles into letting Buddy win. The plan almost works, until the girls call them on their obvious attempts to lose. Ironically, the boys are stumped by the last question and Herman actually wins. When Charles and Buddy accidentally drop Herman into the dunk tank, they do some fast talking to escape the humorless hunk's clutches.