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Jamie(Nicole Eggert) is so psyched about being in "The Club" for cool girls, so when Jamie and Charles(Scott Baio) make a bet to see if Buddy(Willie Aames)and Stacy(Holly Fields)have any good traits, so if any of them do not have any Charles will stop seeing Buddy and Jamie will stop hanging around Stacy, but when Stacy becomes romantically in love with Charles because he went everywhere she went, Stacy tells Jamie that the odds of getting in "The Club" are slim to none and she is in love with Charles will be good for her image, Jamie tells Charles to call it of with Stacy or she is never talking to him again, he agrees and tells her it is over and she tells him that Jamie will never be in the group. Charles tells Jamie that he invited "The Club" committee over, thinking that she got in she rushes upstairs to get ready, Charles has a plan that involves Sarah(Josie Davis), when they arrive Charles announces that Sarah is interested in joining, but when they start insulting her because of her income, hair, nails, clothes and persona, Jamie having heard enough tells Stacy to take her club and shove it.