Pizza Parlor Protest is the ninth episode of the second season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on February 28, 1987.


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Sid's Pizza Parlor is under attack. It seems the college owns the land the hang-out stands on, and they are reclaiming it for a parking lot. This means Charles' favorite meeting place for dates and other occasions is about to be banished, forever. Charles turns to the Powells for assistance. Jamie is studying amateur psychiatry and Sarah is studying amateur journalism for a school project, so they feel there is deeper meaning, and a lot of unrevealed facts to this whole dilemma. Buddy thinks it's a plot, but he's not sure whose. Walter thinks they all ought to improve their diet by eating on board any ship. So in true motherly fashion, Ellen gets out the placards and begins writing protest legends on them. Charles being Charles, however, confronts the head of the board, Mr. Bartlett, at the pizza parlor. In true Charles fashion, the truth comes out, and Charles saves the day and saves Sid's.