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"Slumber Party"
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date November 14, 1984
Written by Pamela Pettler
Directed by Alan Rafkin
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Slumber Party is the sixth episode of the first season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on November 14, 1984.


Charles and Gwendolyn had a fight over something rather trivial, and suddenly he feels he doesn't want to deal with the whole women issue. He looks around the Pembroke house and realizes that Lila is having all her girlfriends over for a slumber party. He is trapped in the house full of women, and although Buddy drops in and has agreed to stay with him, they are outnumbered. When he and Buddy finally escape to his room to be alone, they find that they are not alone there either.[1]


Charles and Gwendolyn arrive at the Pembroke residence and fight about her ordering for salad in an ice cream parlor and calling her a "woman". She is offended by this and tells him that they are through, but not before kissing and then punching him. She tells him to call her before sunrise to apologize for calling her a "woman" while he futilely tried to explain that he didn't mean "woman" in its negative sense and that he doesn't want to see her again either. He tells himself he is fed up with women and that he plans to spend the evening at the house without the company of women, before Lila and Stacy show up, reminding him that Lila is holding a slumber party. Heather (who brought her romance books) and Enid (who brought her girl horses collection) arrive and all the girls go upstairs after Stan comes and asks them how everything is going.

Charles tells Stan his problem, who advices him that it takes a long time to understand women but when the right age comes it becomes easy. Stan and the boys go to Aunt Jackie's to spend the night so they won't disturb Lila's slumber party. Douglas annoys Jason with his statements (from a book on Zen that Charles and Buddy show them) causing Jason to assert that he is not his disciple.

Charles looks for the definition of "woman" and "female" in the dictionary when Paula Thackery shouts outside. Lila opens the door and Paula comes in along with Kim, who she introduces to Charles. Buddy and the rest of Lila's friends arrive. He suggests that they go to the bowling alley and are already on their way but they are forced to stay home and chaperone the girls instead after Stan calls Jill to tell her to go at Aunt Jackie's since she needs her (through the power of guilt).

Charles and Buddy try to survive the night in the living room but they are disturbed by Heather, Valerie and Paula talking about Harold Lempsky. They move to the kitchen but they back out after they see Kim and Linda baking an orange "surprise" cake (the "surprise" is a picture of Harold). They go for Charles' room, but not before getting entangled with the telephone (Lila is telling Harold that she knows someone who might like him, before shouting out Stacy's name and then denying that it was her.), almost being cartwheeled by Paula and passing by Heather and Valerie donning sunglasses and singing "I wear my sunglasses at night." They manage to get in Charles' room, only to find Enid and her horses. Charles tries to drive her out, but it backfires.

Charles, fed up with the girl's antics, bursts out about his problem. The girls say that they do not talk about crazy things but say what they feel since they are still too young to hide them but they are starting to. They tell Charles to be honest with women.

Gwendolyn comes back, claiming that she only went there to bring an extra sleeping bag. He tries to be honest, telling her that he cannot grow up that fast, but fails. He decides to talk to the girls through a "truth" game on Lila's room. They ask Charles and Buddy how to get boys to like them. Charles tells them to be yourself and not to hide their feelings. Buddy then leaves the house and goes to the student union and try to be honest with a girl named Alice Miller.

Gwendolyn returns once more. Charles asks her if they care and understand each other. She replies that she brought ice cream, to which he adds that there is salad in the refrigerator. They reconcile and all is well.


Goon machine[]

Buddy: No, Buddy Lembeck.
Lila: Not you, goon machine.


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  • First appearance of Enid, who reappears in the season 1 episode "A Date With Enid".
  • First appearance of Stacy, who reappears in the season 1 episode "Snowed In".
  • Second appearance of Paula Thackery and her last appearance for season 1. She later reappears in season 2 as Jamie's friend.
  • Only appearances of Heather, Kim, Linda and Valerie (the person that portrays her, Betsy Chasse, plays a different character in the season 1 episode "Snowed In").
  • Only mentions of Aunt Jackie, Harold Lempsky and Alice Miller.
  • First mention of General Custer, the basis of Charles and Buddy's report in the season 3 episode "Speechless".

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