"Snowed In"
Season 1, Episode 17
Air date February 6, 1985
Written by Jeffrey Ferro, Fredric Weiss
Directed by Alan Rafkin
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Snowed In is the seventeenth episode of the first season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on February 6, 1985.


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Stan and Jill went to the movies and, on their way out to the car, they realize that in the meantime an incredible blizzard hit the city, leaving them unable to return to their home. There, Charles, the kids plus a bubbling group of Lila's girlfriends are trapped with no food in the refrigerator and no heating. Gwendolyn and Buddy come to Charles' rescue to entertain these starving kids and teenagers with a game of monopoly and some scenes of "Romeo and Juliet" which need to be rehearse for school anyway. But the pleas for spaghetti and other nutritious foods become more and more insistent and nobody knows for certain when their ordeal will end.