thumb|300px|right thumb|300px|right thumb|300px|right The Case of the Mock-Turtle Mystery is the twenty-second episode of the second season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on May 9, 1987.


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There's an apparent catastrophe in the Powell household and it seems that it's not going to be an easy one to solve. Sarah is the proud parent of Ross, a pet turtle, who until recently, has lived in relative safety in the Powell back yard. But when Sarah goes away on a nature field trip she leaves Adam in charge of Ross. Upon her return, Ross is gone. Sarah assumes the worst, and accuses Adam of turtlecide. Well Adam swears he is innocent and that Ross was alive and well a few hours ago, but no one will believe him. Adam knows he is innocent until proven guilty, and requests a trial with Charles as his attorney. The only problem is Charles is supposed to be leaving with Buddy for Ft. Lauderdale. The ever-loyal Charles, unable to disappoint anyone, decides to postpone his departure and help the hapless Adam. The trial proceeds, with some surprises about the real culprit, and the real fate of Ross the turtle, and in the end everyone is happy.