"The Egg and Us"
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date January 24, 1987
Written by Adrienne Armstrong, Mitzi McCall-Brill
Directed by Bob Claver
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The Egg and Us is the fourth episode of the second season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on January 24, 1987.


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Jamie and Sarah have a school-project that involves raising eggs as children. It is supposed to teach the girls about responsibility. The girls get involved in the concept and it brings the attention of the whole family to child-rearing. Even Charles tries to help, after all, he is a professional in this field, watching the Powell kids for his room and board. Meanwhile, Walter is taking out a long lost sweetheart, Gloria. When Buddy meets Gloria, he is less then thrilled, because she turns out to be his grandmother. All's well that ends well. And in the meantime, the kids learn more about families and friends, than their eggs, and Buddy learns tolerance.