"The Naked Truth"
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date January 10, 1987
Written by Seth Weisbond
Directed by Bob Claver
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The Naked Truth is the second episode of the second season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on January 10, 1987.


Charles meets a new girl, Rebecca Stansbury, on campus who happens to be an art student. Never one to stint where romance is concerned, Charles learns about her favorite artist, even buys a print of one of his works. Then he really goes the distance and enrolls in her art class. However, Rebecca does more than study art; she poses nude for the class. Charles is stunned, and so is Adam who happened to go along with Charles to the class for the "cultural advantages." Now there's trouble with Ellen, over Adam's early exposure to nudity, as well as trouble from Rebecca who thinks Charles was only out to ogle her fair white body. Buddy tries to help, trouble is, he isn't quite sure what the problem is. After all, this girl has a body that's a work of art itself.[1]


Buddy comes to the Powell residence to deliver a print of an abstract painting called Void by Arturo Kolodny which Charles has acquired. Charles believes that it is his ticket to Rebecca Stansbury, a beautiful art major in Copeland College. He had eavesdropped on her the previous day and found out that Kolodny was her favorite artist, prompting him to spend the night reading about Kolodny in a book titled Kolodny and His Art. He plans to go at an art seminar that day on campus to talk and ask a date with her. Buddy tells him that it is a great plan since most art students are "wild passionate Bohemians" and joins in, commenting that the twenty-dollar entrance fee "is a small price to pay for a Bohemian".

Jamie tries to get Sarah to buy new clothes, but Sarah relents until Ellen agrees that she should give it a try. Since they are going shopping and Walter has to attend a Veterans' Club meeting, Charles has to take Adam with him to the art seminar.

Buddy is already in the seminar when Charles and Adam arrive. While Charles goes off to look for Rebecca, Professor Howard Wycliff comes in and tells Adam to leave since the seminar is for art students only. Buddy tells him that he is a student. Professor Wycliff gets the impression that Adam is the prodigy featured in The Tonight Show, who went directly from junior high to graduate school in art.

Charles finds Rebecca, but all seats beside her in the front row are already occupied. He and Adam get the seats after Buddy asks Professor Wycliff for them. He gets to talk with Rebecca about abstract art and Kolodny, before she leaves. When the professor announces that the topic of the seminar would be about the female human body, Charles tells Buddy and Adam that they should leave but they hesitate. Rebecca returns and poses nude and is seen by everyone including Adam.

When the guys get home, Charles asks Adam not to tell anyone about what he saw but he says it anyway to Walter, who promises to keep it a secret but tells them to make sure it does not happen again. Charles and Buddy go to the kitchen to get something to eat when the doorbell rings. Rebecca comes to the house and asks Adam to sketch her again causing him to panic and seek Charles' help. Charles loudly tells Rebecca not to take her clothes off (she had no intention of doing so anyway). This is overheard by the girls and Ellen, forcing Charles to admit the truth. He comes clean with Rebecca and asks her if they can see each other often. She hesitates at first, since she feels uncomfortable dating someone who has seen her nude, but he gains her approval.


Charles: You know what I'm going to do with this baby?
Buddy: Scare the kids.

Buddy: You couldn't get the girl, so you got the picture.
Charles: No, I didn't get the picture to get the picture, I got the picture to get the girl, get the picture?

Sarah: I hate shopping!
Jamie: Oh, that's silly.
Sarah: I hate buying clothes!
Jamie: That's ridiculous.
Sarah: I hate the mall!
Jamie: That's treason.

Ellen: Well, Adam, I guess your stuck with us.
Adam: Mom, shopping with three women.

Buddy: Charles.
Charles: What?
Buddy: Charles, I just met this great art student and she mentioned something about body painting.
Charles: Oh, really?
Buddy: So, she's not talking about her car, I think I may marry her.

Charles: I can't believe art can be so dangerous.
Buddy: Can't believe life can be so unfair, you got the answer to my dreams, a girl who takes her clothes off before the first date.

Charles: She's working her way through college as a model, I don't think she undressed just to get my attention.
Adam: She got my attention.

Walter: I'll never forget the first time I saw a naked lady, it was tatooed on a sailor's arm when he flexed his muscles she did the hula, I took one look and said "That's for me".
Buddy: The girl or the tattoo?
Walter: The navy!

Rebecca: Hi, I'm Rebecca.
Adam: I know and I'll never forget

Charles: Look, would you like to go out sometime? Be honest?
Rebecca: Yes? But I can't.
Charles: Well, be dishonest.

Walter: Charles, Charles, what's that girl doing in your room?
Charles: That's Rebbecca, I'm going to show her my Kolodny.

(last lines)

Charles: What I'm trying to say is, if you've seen one, you've seen them all.
Adam: I believe you but I still want to see them all.

Charles: Same here.