Walter Gets a Dodo is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Charles in Charge. It originally aired on February 11, 1989.


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Charles is preparing to help Buddy with a slide show presentation, he then tells him that something always comes up at the last minute, he gets a phone call from Professor Bunt who tells him that his sister Dodo is coming to town and that he wants Charles to entertain her while he's away, so not breaking a promise to his best friend Charles decides to fix her up with Walter, to take her to the John Paul Jones Society, when Dodo shows up she wasn't Walter was expecting, when Charles and Buddy come home they see Dodo and Walter kissing in the kitchen and announces that they are getting married, she then later changes her mind when she finds out that she will become a grandmother to Jamie, Sarah and Adam, Dodo says she's to young to be a grandma so she decides not to marry Walter or her other fiance.